M and M's on paper
82 x 60 inches (208.3 x 152.4 cm), framed
Auction estimate: $80,000

Gift of the artist and Gagosian Gallery

Dan Colen rose to prominence in the 2000's in New York's lower East Side along
with Nate Lowman, Ryan McGinley, the late Dash Snow and Aaron Young, among
others. He has emerged from this now legendary scene to become one of the
most accomplished and promising multimedia neo-pop artists of his generation.
Using such common low-culture ephemera as confetti, chewing gum, flowers, trash
and candy, Colen creates masterful compositions steeped in the psychology of the
familiar, that also allude to the formal compositions of his abstract expressionist
In using the melting M&Ms as a medium, Colen provokes a collision of joy and
sorrow, arousing happy memories and the mourning of the bygone days of
childhood. The composition also works as an animated action painting in which the
accidental and the random mix poetically with his formal compositional concerns
in the "all-over" Jackson Pollock like image that results.
Colen has said an artist must have faith in any object he creates. Like Marcel
Duchamp and Jeff Koons before him, he embraces the ready-made and the pursuit
of capturing the ephemeral and the abstract.

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