Acrylic on paper
84 x 36 inches (213.4 x 91.4 cm)
(image shown is an existing work)
Auction estimate: $35,000

Gift of the artist and courtesy of Blum & Poe

Dave Muller was born in 1964 in San Francisco and lives and works in Los Angeles.
He has had numerous exhibitions in the United States and abroad, including solo
shows at the Museo de Arte Contemporanea de Castillo y Leon, Leon, Spain;
Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston; San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; and
St. Louis Art Museum. Recent group exhibitions include The Record: Contemporary
Art and Vinyl, Nasher Museum of Art, Durham; Rock-Paper-Scissors, Pop Music as
Subject of Visual Art, Kunsthaus Graz, Graz, Austria; and Sympathy for the Devil:
Art and Rock and Roll since 1967, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago.
Mr. Muller will create a unique work in collaboration with the winning bidder, or
person designated by the winning bidder as the portrait subject. The portrait
subject will select his/her favorite ten albums and Mr. Muller will reproduce the
spines of those albums as the artwork, similar to as shown at right. The height of
the album spines will match the height of the portrait subject. Height of the final
work will be 84 inches; width will be 36 inches. Portrait subject can live globally as
discussion of the chosen albums will occur via email. Framing will be by Art
Services Melrose, to the artist's specifications. These commissioned portraits are
widely pursued by collectors but it is rare for Mr. Muller to create them.

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