Dimensions vary
Auction estimate: $40,000

Gift of the artist and 1301PE, Los Angeles

Jorge Pardo is known for exploring the boundaries between art, architecture, and
design. He employs a broad palette of vibrant colors and eclectic patterns,
referencing both organic and industrial forms in his paintings, drawings, sculptures,
and design objects. Working on small and monumental scales, Pardo is constantly
challenging conventional notions of art. Pardo was named a 2010 MacArthur
Fellow. His paintings, sculptures, and installations have been exhibited at numerous
national and international venues, including the Cooper-Hewitt National Design
Museum; the Palais des Beaux Arts; the Irish Museum of Modern Art; MOCA, Los
Angeles; and LACMA.
Berlin Flowers 2 can be created to whatever dimensions the winning bidder
chooses and in whatever medium, from paint, to vinyl, or wallpaper. Options for
placement are an interior wall, the side of a plane, or the side of an office building
or home. Winning bidder will receive a certificate and a working file of the design,
which must be reproduced exactly as shown at right. The winning bidder has
lifetime rights to the image and thus can reproduce the artwork as many times as
he/she chooses, but only one instance at a time. So, for example, if he/she sells a
home, the winning bidder is welcome to paint over the artwork and reproduce it
again in a new location. Winning bidder assumes all production costs and staff.

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