Archival pigment print
24 x 16 inches (60.1 x 40.6 cm), paper size
Auction estimate: $12,500

© Dennis Hopper, Courtesy of The Dennis Hopper Art Trust

DENNIS HOPPER is widely recognized as an acclaimed artist, actor and filmmaker whose iconic and distinctly American voice has established him as one of the most singular creative figures of his time. Born in Dodge City, Kansas Hopper grew up in San Diego, California, and spent most of his life between Los Angeles, California and Taos, New Mexico. As an actor he appeared in over 140 television shows and starred in over 150 films. In 1969, Hopper co-wrote, directed and acted in the film Easy Rider, forever changing the face of American cinema and garnering an Academy Award® nomination for Best Screenplay. In addition to his dynamic acting career, Hopper ardently dedicated more than five decades of his life to artistic expression-- exploring the mediums of photography, painting, sculpture, film, and installation. His work holds its foundation in the cultural revolution of 1960's when a Pop sensibility emerged, the West Coast became a popular new venue for creative expression, and photography asserted itself as an important artistic medium. In the role of artist and collector Hopper worked and socialized with the artistic avant-garde, constantly exchanging ideas and influencing one another's work. During his lifetime, his artwork was exhibited around the US and internationally in Italy, France, Japan, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Australia and Russia. Since Hopper's death in May of 2010, his artwork continues to be in demand in the private and public contemporary art realms. In April, an exhibition of his work On the Road will open at the Picasso Museum in Malaga, Spain and in May his Lost Album collection will be shown at Gagosian Gallery in New York.

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